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Premium Organic Jogijhora Green Tea

Premium Organic Jogijhora Green Tea

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Discover the perfect harmony of taste and health in every cup of our mild honey-sweet tea from Dooars, India. Infused with delightful vegetal notes, this tea is a refreshing and invigorating experience that will leave you feeling revitalized.

Enjoy the light, mellow aftertaste as you savour each sip of this exquisite tea, perfectly balanced for an unrivalled taste experience.

Sourced from the finest tea plantations in India, our honey-sweet tea is carefully crafted to deliver a light, delicate infusion that is as healthy as it is delicious. Discover the true meaning of tea indulgence with our honey-sweet tea, and experience the ultimate flavour and wellness.
Type: Single Estate | Flush: Second 2020 | Region: Dooars | Organic: Yes | Caffeine: Low


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