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Ainsley's Tea

Premium Organic Masala Chai

Premium Organic Masala Chai

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Experience the unique and irresistible taste of our Assam CTC tea blended with aromatic spices, perfect for elevating your favourite tea to new heights of flavour.

Expertly crafted with a special blend of spices, our black masala tea delivers a tantalizing and unforgettable taste experience with every sip. Whether you enjoy it in the morning to kick-start your day or as an afternoon pick-me-up, this tea will surely energize and refresh you.

We recommend enjoying our black masala tea with milk and sugar for the ultimate indulgence, allowing the rich, bold flavours to meld together in perfect harmony. Savour the taste of India with every cup of our black masala tea, and discover the ultimate in tea indulgence.

RECOMMENDED: With Water/Milk

AROMA: Spicy




TASTING NOTES: Spicy Tasting Notes With Exotic Indian Spices


CTC Tea, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Ginger, Cloves

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