5 best slimming teas that actually give you results!

5 best slimming teas that actually give you results!

For weight-watchers taking care of what we eat and drink is very important. Being careful of overeating or eating the right amount of the proper nutrients is the key to getting to your dream scale in the weight machine.

People often turn a blind eye to hydration. But many studies have suggested that keeping yourself sufficiently hydrated is essential to weight loss. We know drinking liters of plain water is not easy, and most tend to go for sweetened beverages or lattes. But did you know that these fizzy sweetened drinks and condensed milk used in coffees are full of calories? A standard can of cola has calories equivalent to 7 spoons of sugar!

So does that mean you only get to drink water and nothing else? As the second most consumed liquid is only next to the water, our answer is - Tea. 

What we mean here is that you get to drink tasty, spicy teas that help you lose weight too.

Are you looking for the best slimming teas that work? You are in the right place to make the search easier or over!

Here are the FIVE BEST SLIMMING TEAS that will help you lose those extra weights:

Green teas

One cannot discuss weight loss and not include green teas. 

The caffeine and catechin (a type of antioxidant) present in green teas are found to speed up body metabolism. Catechin might help the body break down extra fat and help the body use extra energy.

Herbal teas

Many herbal teas are specially formulated for weight loss. Slimming teas are mostly herbal—an effective combination of fresh and natural ingredients.  

Some of the best slimming teas online are -

Oolong teas

The polyphenols in the oolong teas and the caffeine in the tea make a powerful combination that burns calories efficiently and faster.  

A regular intake of Oolong teas thus might aid your weight loss.

Matcha teas

Though matcha is a green tea extract, it has garnered a distinct reputation.   

Studies have shown that regular drinking matcha tea and exercise increase fat burn by 17%.

Black teas

The diuretic properties of black tea help the body eliminate excess water and bloating. It also acts as an appetite suppressant and might help you avoid fattening snacks between meals.

Comment below if you have tried any of these teas and how effective they are.  

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Note- All views expressed in the article are derived from various other reports and studies published online. It should not be taken as a medical suggestion.  

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