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About Ainsley's Tea

At Ainsley's Tea, we make delicious tea for people who are mindful of their health and want to increase their vitality. With our teas, our customers enjoy an assortment of flavorful teas aimed at improving their well-being. If you are looking to improve your vitality, then Ainsley's Tea has a delicious and flavorful tea aimed at improving your wellbeing.

About Ainsley D. Miller

Ainsley D. Miller is a father, an entrepreneur, an athlete and a husband.

As an Information Technology Consultant, he worked with clients in various sectors including energy, insurance, health care, advertising, telecommunication and accounting. He has a passion for emerging innovations in Blockchain.

He is a weekend warrior, competing in 5km, 10km and half marathon races. He also competes in the Canadian Masters' category in 400m races.

With the birth of his daughter Ayana, he was inspired to capture her bilingual French & English journey. Canada being an officially bilingual French & English country, Ainsley has written the children's book "Ayana Goes To L’École" with the hopes the book will be an aide for parents to introduce French as a second language to their child.

Ainsley believes with a healthy mind, spirit and body we can become our best selves. This is why he created Ainsley's Tea using some of the best source organic ingredients from around the world.
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